Debt Smart Plan

Learn how to:

Pay off debt faster than thought possible.

Reduce the amount of interest paid.

Improve cash flow.

Save for college.

Decrease taxes.

Retire with tax-favored income.

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Learn how you can get out of debt faster than thought possible.

Debt Smart Plan® Approach to Pay Off Debt and Create Wealth

Most people in America find themselves in a situation similar to this:

The average person is going to earn $2 million during their lifetime. According the the latest statistics from the IRS, FDIC and Census Bureau, at age 65 these same people will wind up with about $65,000 in net worth, including the equity in their house.

That is certainly not the American dream after having $2 million pass through their hands.

In the pie charts below, we see the average person saves about 3% of their $2 million, that’s $60,000. The average person pays 34% of the money they earn in their lifetime out to interest - that goes towards cars, credit cards, college, homes, etc.

About 40¢ of every dollar the average American earns goes out to taxes. That's 40% that goes towards income tax to gas tax, water tax, sales tax, etc.

That leaves about 23% of our money left to live on. This is what we call our lifestyle money. That’s what we have to pay everything else with. Like our gas, car, insurance, food, entertainment... all those things that are left over after taxes and interest.

That leaves 3% for savings. Most people can't save more money. Lots of us are doing the best we can.

Our approach is to focus on is the 34%. What if we could reduce that 34% and also reduce taxes? Well that would give us more lifestyle money and it would also increase our savings.

Using the Debt Smart Plan, we can do just that by showing people how to use the same money in a better, more efficient, safer way...

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Learn how you can get out of debt faster than thought possible.

Average American

Average individual pie chart savings

Average Debt: $250,000

Debt Smart Plan®

Debt Smart Plan pie chart budget


(real client data from Mark & Joyce M.)





Debt + Interest

Years of Payments




30 yrs

happy carefree family


Free from lenders in 7.8 years

Saved Interest $122,739

Freed up $2,177/mo. for retirement

Savings in 30 years $1,004,387

Pay off all debt.

Save thousands in interest.

Increase savings.

Get Your FREE Analysis and Plan

Learn how you can get out of debt faster than thought possible.

The Debt Smart Plan® Benefits

  • Argue less about money.
  • Find wasted money.
  • Improve cash flow.
  • Dramatically increase your savings.
  • Get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible.
  • Learn how to prioritize your accounts.
  • Retire with tax-favored income.
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